6 ways to create a new forecast or budget

We make is easy to get started, with multiple ways you can start the process. And if you have an existing budget or forecast, you can import it via csv.

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6 ways to create a new forecast or budget

As FUTRLI has developed we have increased the ways that you can create a new scenario to include 6 different approaches. This has been as a direct result of user feedback, as with everything that we do.

Budgets and forecasts can span one to five years and you can create unlimited scenarios per organisation. Please read these articles for the use cases behind why you should scenario plan.

The creation methods are as below:

  1. From scratch! This gives you a blank canvas for your future predictions to begin.
  2. From and an existing forecast or budget. We have our own csv template that you must use to import your existing data and that can transform a budget into a cashflow forecast if you assign optional credit terms and VAT/GST %s per account line
  3. From a quick copy
  4. From an advanced copy – where you can change the start date and duration of the scenario
  5. From last year’s actuals
  6. From advanced last year’s actuals – which will let you flex accounts by amounts or %s.

We have a brilliant use case for why you would use last year’s actuals as the basis for a health check here.

And we have some excellent guides for why you would use copying of scenarios for business planning here.

“FUTRLI is amazing! This add-on has done wonders for our business and has really increased our profitability.” - David Jones

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