Flexible payment profiles

Customer and Supplier payments are not a standard thing – we wish they were! Our flexible payment profiles let you plan your cash flow easily. From simple credit terms, to 30/60/90 day payments, to your own custom payment profiles. You can even assign negative payment terms for cash that has been received in advance.

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Flexible payment profiles

When you intend paying your suppliers and when your customers are likely to pay you is potentially the most important insight that you bring to your forecast or budget.

Having peace of mind over your projected cash flow over the next one, three, six months and beyond is imperative for you to have a grasp on, if you are to meet your obligations and flourish as a business.

Too many businesses fail. In their 1st year, 91% of business will survive and by year 5 only 41% will still be around according to the national averages in the UK. You can do something to be in the survival section, or help to buck the trend. Those businesses using cloud accounting technology in their first year will see a 97% survival rate, which is fairly similar, but by year 5, 88% of these businesses are still around, according to our strategic partner, Xero.

That’s a staggering statistic. Those businesses who have a clear picture about where their business is going, survive. Our mission is to increase that figure still by driving home the need for future planning and cash flow management.

So, if you need to have multiple payment profiles per account to give a clear picture where your cash is coming from, where it is going and whether there is risk around the corner, we have your back.

“We have been using FUTRLI for more than a year and really value being able to quickly explore key financial performance metrics and compare performance against plan and previous years. The ability to give different stakeholders tailored views is also really useful.” - Scott Robinson

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