Power-user options

FUTRLI has an accounting package at its heart, and for the advanced user, you can create manual forecast journals and advanced overrides for non-cash forecasts.

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Power-user options

Not all forecasts are created equal. It’s no surprise that the majority of forecasts and budgets are prepared in spreadsheets. This give the user, the ability to create the more complex assumptions that many projections require.

At the bottom of every forecast modal, you’ll see there is a link to advanced options.

This exposes, the journals that make up the transactions that you are going to create. By exposing the detail behind the transactions you can take control over where your figures are posted. Why would you want to do this?

  1. You may wish to reverse the Debit/Credit posting, which will inverse the figures you have created. (For instance if you want to post a refund)
  2. You may wish to change the bank account that the receipt/payment is coming from/to
  3. You may want to create a no-cash forecast

Why would you want to do that?

Depreciation, as an example is a no-cash journal. As an expense account, depreciation has a relationship with a fixed asset account. It doesn’t hit your bank accounts at all. See below, no cash has been selected and computer equipment, which is a fixed asset account.

“I looked at Spotlight and FUTRLI but was impressed with the Forecasting functionality within FUTRLI and the decision was made!” - Debbie Boulton

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