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Why Futrli is a must-have for any advisory firm

Succeed as advisors

Clients need clear insights to help them make the right business decisions. As an advisor, your responsibility to your clients is to advise on more than compliance.

Futrli is much more than ‘Forecasting & Reporting’. It’s a platform for success, arming your firm with everything it needs to provide great advice at scale.

Maximise revenue

Our platform brings powerful reporting, visualisation, monitoring, alerting, forecasting, scenario, what-if and budgeting tools to your firm.

Futrli helps you to see the threats or opportunities your clients are experiencing today, solve them quickly, and earn the maximum fees along the way. Be valued by your clients and increase your referrals.

Be strategic

To support your firm, our all-new, CPD-accredited advisory certification is leading the industry.

The all-new modular structure helps your practice partners to strategise, project managers to lead their teams, and clients managers to be upskilled in order to harness the huge fee earning potential that slickly-driven advisory services can generate for your firm.

"Futrli takes what I do and takes it that one step further. It has linked the different elements of our services together so clients see a 360º view of their figures"

Niall McGinnity, Nuvem 9 Advisory

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"Futrli helped improve client loyalty. Our churn rate has decreased from 20% to 13%."

Colin Hunt, EzyAccounts

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Core features


Forecasting helps you achieve your goals. Projecting data using the P&L, balance sheet and cashflow statement provides accurate results you can rely on for making great decisions.

  • Make multiple assumptions per account line
  • Use flexible payment terms and multiple forecasting methods
  • Import, duplicate and customise existing budgets and forecasts
  • Create from trends and prior year’s figures to visualise actual vs target analysis


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Use live dashboards to see where a business stands in real-time. They’re designed to be flexible and customisable to help you measure and manage the most important things to you.

  • Rolling forecast visualisation shows you your future
  • Get a 360° view of every corner of your business
  • Use non-financial data to see a true reality of business
  • Fully customisable charts, cards and tables let you present your data in a way that suits you


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Upskill your team with Futrli Advisory Certification

Your team won’t evolve into advisors overnight and software alone is not a silver bullet. Your firm needs a need a well-defined success strategy and roll out plan.

Refocus your practice on advisory with our all-new, CPD-accredited certification course. This accompanies a 6-month account managed success plan that is tailored to where your firm is today in its advisory journey.

The modular structure ensures that there is content for everyone, as different roles have different needs. Futrli Advisory Certification helps your partners to define the firm’s strategy, project managers to lead the strategy with confidence, and client managers to learn the skills that will harness the huge fee earning potential that strategically delivered advisory services can bring.

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Stand out with your own platform, powered by Futrli

White labelling is improving client retention and referrals for Futrli-powered firms, just like yours. By investing in a platform that is branded as yours, internal buy-in has been proven to increase, as well as clients’ belief in your commitment to them.

Provide a sense of ownership that helps everyone focus on what really matters – the insights.

The charts, tables, icons and font colours, alert emails and PDFs are all customisable to reflect your company branding, and any boards and reports shared with clients and colleagues will generate in your customised theme, from your own Futrli domain.

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Our partners

Futrli boasts thousands of the most forward-thinking accountancy firms and business advisors among our partners. Our partners are based around the world, from the West coast of the USA to the UK to New Zealand.

We support partners, not only by offering the best advisory platform on the market but also by providing market-leading, CPD-accredited certification and strategic account management to help transform teams into world-beating advisors.

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