Make Futrli your own with
white labelling

Stand out with your own platform, powered by Futrli

We’ll customise the charts, tables, logos and font colours, alert emails and PDFs to reflect your company branding. Any boards and reports shared with clients and colleagues will generate in your customised theme, from your own unique Futrli domain.

This positions the platform as your very own software, helping firms stand out from competitors in the market. Present a full package to your client base as white labelling makes the Futrli platform and your firm one entity to clients.

Investing in a platform with your branding across it has been proven to increase internal buy-in, as well as clients’ belief in your commitment to them.

Be advisors, not software resellers

Your role is to help clients progress successfully, not to resell software licences. Take the tech out of the conversation by claiming Futrli as your own, in your branding and firm colours.

This allows you to lead with your knowledge in client meetings, so you’ll get to know the business owners you work with better. And the better relationships you form with one another, the better retention you’ll experience.

Standardise your services when you’ve white labelled and the whole team can add value to clients. Great for making the leap into the advisory space, white labelling is a great way to up your marketing efforts.

"Futrli takes what I do and takes it that one step further. It has linked the different elements of our services together so clients see a 360º view of their figures"

Niall McGinnity, Nuvem 9 Advisory

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