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Moneypad work with a lot of tech companies so needed a forecasting and reporting tool with a similar ethos to that of their clients. The team needed to leave spreadsheets behind and embrace a forecasting tool that could be easily updated and show insights. Clients needed to show investors and their teams their progress.


Futrli was exactly what Moneypad were looking for. Live information coming in from Xero means all data is current, so the team are able to advise their clients better. Every client and their team are able to understand the insight that Futrli provides.


Moneypad has a new way of communicating with the business owners they work with. Meetings are now concentrated on client needs and plans. This helps them get to know their customers on an even deeper level. The opportunity for accountants to add real value to clients has never been better.

Interview in full

Founded in 2013 and based in Surrey, England, Moneypad specialises in working with innovative young SMEs and startups – many of which operate in the UK’s thriving tech sector. We hear from Sarah Jones, Founder of Moneypad.

What’s the reception been like since you’ve been using Futrli?

How many times have you heard a Bank Manager enthusiastically say that they’re “blown away” with a business plan and forecast? We’ve prepared many of these but even we hadn’t received such feedback until we started using Futrli. She was flabbergasted and the client was delighted.

How is it helping your SME clients?

When our vehicle transportation business client came to us looking to raise finance, using Futrli was a pleasure. Not only did it save us hours battling spreadsheets, the real satisfaction came from knowing this wasn’t a cashflow forecast that would, once created, sit there and gather dust.

Futrli is, brilliantly, a virtual business plan so the assumptions we made about the finances, the heart of the business, were coming to life as it’s strategy. We created the forecast and then built dashboards so our client, their investors and team could see the numbers on personalised dashboards. The auto-syncing with Xero, daily, means it is live information showing the past, present and future in one place. The client can see real-time, on their phone, how they are performing against a target. It’s so easy.

Sarah and her team were attracted to Futrli as the platform gave them a way to communicate with clients that focused on the future. Moneypad wanted to move away from the stereotype of a traditional accountant. We wanted to present critical information in a way that can be instantly understood by all customers, no matter their financial experience or training. For some, a wall of numbers doesn’t aid decision making. A beautiful visual of your Gross Profit or Wage % over the next 12 months though, does.

Is Futrli helping clients understand their numbers?

We have one customer who, despite running a business for several years, never fully understood their accounts. They were never able to confidently plan ahead or make decisions based on data. They had to solely rely on their feel or gut.

Alongside the full reports we provide them with, we also built them a clear, bespoke dashboard that contained only the most relevant info to inform their day-to-day planning and decision making. All data, which is real-time and fully automated from Xero, is visualised by Futrli via graphs and charts.

Now they can glance at the board and within seconds have a complete overview or where they stand on every key aspect of their finances. They get more in a few seconds with Futrli than they would get in hours of ploughing through traditional reports.

“Futrli changes the relationship and helps us focus on the future”

Thanks to the new ways Futrli allows Moneypad to communicate, Sarah and her team are finding new avenues of discussions opening up with their existing client base.

One of the most exciting things, since we’ve started using Futrli, is how it has changed the conversations we have. Meetings are now much more concentrated on the client’s needs, plans and opportunities. Before chats were focused on explanations or going through things like profits and losses, tax details, turnover figures and so on.

The change in conversation helps us get to know our customers on an even deeper level and means we can better advise and support them to help them reach their goals. The opportunity for accountants to add real value to clients has never been better.

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