4 killer ways to market advisory services

4 killer ways to market advisory services - Futrli

Now that 2018 seems a distant memory and we’ve fully-immersed ourselves in 2019, the trends, predictions and goals we made in December are beginning to show. One of which, being the best way to market advisory services, is becoming more and more urgent. Across the profession, accountants everywhere are wondering how to best market their firms and services.

Marketing is one of those things that sounds easy. But when you sink your teeth into it, it’s actually quite challenging. Researching, writing, editing and more can eat up a fair amount of your time, so follow these tips to make sure you don’t lose focus.

Update your website

These days, websites are like shop windows. They’re often the first touch point your clients will have with you, so need to make a great first impression. Getting yours ready to hook in clients doesn’t have to be hard.

Explain in simple language the features and benefits of what you do. We’d recommend you put something on your homepage about your advisory services (but remember clients might not know them as that so pick your words carefully) and even have a features/strategy page. In this additional page, you could include client testimonials to prove how worthwhile advisory is.

Include some great images. Most people are drawn in by visual prompts, and it’s even better if you can start telling your firm’s story. People buy into other people, so show you’re a friendly bunch who are there to help.

Publish regular blog posts

Regularly writing blog posts about industry insights, problem-solving and similar is a great way to start getting your name out there. And the research phase is a great time to catch up on changes in businesses and industries.

Make sure you pick a keyword to focus on, then create a blog around it which will help your clients. This will help you rank better in search engine results and give you a great topic for a campaign.

You can use your posts as conversation starters, emailing them out to your existing and potential clients. For example, you might write about your new advisory and consulting services. Package that up in a nice email and send it out, then call around each person who has opened and read it. There are plenty of free tools to get you going.

Speak up on social media

Everything in marketing comes back to your branding. Get your social media pages freshened up with the same logo and copy in the bios (or at least similar) for consistency. It might not be on your priorities list but it will go a long way in making your firm look more professional online.

Spend a little time each day – maybe during your commute if you’re not driving – going through social media and see if there’s anything you can repost with your own spin on it, engage with posts that reflect the spirit of your firm, or even share the new blog post you’ve just written.

This might sound obvious, but many fall into the trap of using their work social media the same way they’d use their personal accounts. Draw a line and stick to it so there’s no risk of your practice’s reputation being questioned!

White label Futrli

One unique way of increasing your brand recognition and loyalty is to white label the Futrli platform. Our designers will style the entire app to represent your firm’s logo and colours.

Lead with your knowledge in client meetings and form real relationships, because this way of working really helps businesses progress, and it’s great for increasing client retention. Any boards showing your forecasting and reporting shared with clients and colleagues will generate in your customised theme. Also, you’ll get your own unique Futrli domain.

Present a full package to your client base, therefore making Futrli’s forecasting and reporting platform and your firm one entity to clients.

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