4 ways to nail advisory

Woman client in grey looks at man accountant in yellow shirt who is pointing at laptop on wooden desk whilst using 4 ways to nail advisory a list by Futrli #advisory

Here are our four top tips to nail moving into the advisory space.

1. Cashflow forecasting. Historical reporting can help you set targets for future periods and see just how and why your figures are what they are. It is, however, much more beneficial to be looking to the future. While you can set yourself targets from previous results, using a forecast to help you predict where you can position your clients’ businesses in the coming future.

2. KPI measurement. Key performance indicators are an essential part of operating a business, as they give you a broken down quantitative view of each department in your clients’ businesses. Without a granular view, you’d be hard pushed to recognise trouble areas of the company, which over time could really impact the business’ bottom line. Think of KPIs as proactive trouble shooters – and make sure you pay attention to the results.

3. Futrli Advisory Certification. Business and accountancy are both becoming more complex, so it’s vital you and your firm keep up. Everyone learns in different ways, so that’s why we’ve ensured our online curriculum is comprehensive. It’s CPD-accredited and will help you master the Futrli platform, adapt to market change and roll out and scale advisory services.

4. White labelling. You’re not a software reseller, and nor should you have to be. We recently launched white labelling so you can present the platform as your own. Your logo and colours are added to dashboards, so your clients are constantly seeing your branding. A fantastic (and effortless) way to up your brand recognition, our clients have noticed an uptick in brand loyalty too.

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