5 tips for management accountants

Accountant writes with pen in notebook wearing grey suit. Uses 5 five tips for management accountants #productivity

Helping clients understand their figures, how to best spend their money and how to get them ready to grow their business sustainably is a lot of work. Here are our top tips to help you keep on track.

1. Communicate in person. Ask your client’s business goals but also about personal aspirations. Visit their business to get a feel for it, and see how they’re operating day to day. This will help you identify where they can improve, and start a great working relationship.

2. Forecast the future. Set up a cashflow forecast to show how your client is performing at that moment. It’s a level of insight they will have never seen before. You can both be proactive and work towards meeting goals and targets, spotting trends and growth.

3. Save the trees. Accessing dashboards via the cloud makes your client a lot more connected to their figures. The ease of logging in from anywhere to see a snapshot of their business’ performance allows them to fight fires before they really ignite. If they really want a paper report, just hit print.

4. Pick out patterns. Finding patterns in data will help your client dodge problems and embrace positives. It’ll make a big difference to their decision making, and will give them a deeper understanding of their financial information past, present and future.

5. Speak the same language. Cut out the accounting speak and explain your client’s data simply. You’ll get better results, faster. Make use of the display options in Futrli to create attractive reports and forecasts you and your client will be proud to present.

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