5 ways to up staff retention in your accounting firm

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1. Keep your staff engaged

Employee happiness is essential. Engagement is what happens when your employees have commitment and loyalty to your business’ success. Your staff will work hard because they believe in what they’re doing, and the best way to captivate their interest is to allow them to offer better and more strategy-based services. Many accounting professionals in our community have shouted about how excited their team are to get working now they’ve adopted advisory, so don’t get left behind!

Regularly checking in with your team gives staff the opportunity to speak up about grievances or worries. It’ll open up a dialogue between staff and management, leaving you with a lot of constructive feedback.

2. Nurture your team

Traditional compliance services are repetitive and can be uninspiring, so your team may be feeling bored or in a rut. Advisory is the way forward as it makes every day different, and will impact your bottom line for the better, so don’t be put off by resistance.

If you’re trying to work out the best way to train your staff up, have a look at continuing professional development (CPD) courses or schemes. There are endless benefits for both parties: employees will become more competent and efficient, and adaptable to change, and for your firm, you’ll be confident your staff can handle themselves. It’ll eventually lead to the entire firm’s services becoming more dynamic, which will increase your client retention as your firm becomes one of the best around. It’s so much more fulfilling to sell advisory because you’re guiding your clients to success.

We believe in this so much that we’ve released our very own CPD: Futrli Advisory Certification. Until now, education, enablement and market-leading software have existed independently from each other. If you’re sold on advisory, but don’t know how to get going with it, take an integrated approach to working to raise efficiency and challenge your team. Obtaining this qualification will ready you for rolling out advisory services. The course takes you from the basics of what will be expected from you, right through to implementing the services to your firm and for your clients.

3. Respect must go both ways

Your team are people and people deserve respect, especially when they’re your employees. If any one person on your team dreads coming into work because they’re being talked down to, they will either talk and get the rest of the team wondering if you’re actually a good boss, or worse they’ll walk.

Some employees come into work simply to get their paycheck, but that can be changed. Build a respectful rapport with your staff. The industry can be stressful, as there’s such a lot of competition so ensure you are fair and help your staff when they need it. So, next time you’re fired up and stressed out, remember that treating an employee badly will probably end in you having to find their replacement.

It’s estimated the cost of replacing employees is 150% to 250% of annual compensation figures. This estimation shows how valuable your team really are to you – financially and otherwise.

4. Reward the good

Everyone enjoys doing well at work – especially when their hard work is recognised. Here at Futrli, we use Slack office instant messenger and always cheer on our sales team when they’ve made a deal. It’s a simple message usually saying ‘nice one!’, but it shows we operate as a unit, even though half the team are in Australia.

Providing advisory services in your firm means your team are doing far more in-depth work than they were with compliance. This in itself should garner your praise, as it’s no mean feat to retrain and succeed with a new way of working!

Even something as simple as handwritten notes could make a difference to your employees’ days. The main point here is to work on creating a positive environment for your team. This is so very likely to be picked up on by clients, so it’s very important you get it right.

Giving your team the opportunity to progress up your firm’s hierarchy, rather than hiring externally, is another way to show you’re invested in your employees. Holding regular team meetings to share this kind of news unites the staff and gives a great feeling of trust and openness.

5. Be flexible

Life is always throwing us curve balls. Whether it’s the birth of children, family weddings and events or even just vacations, each and every one of us needs time off. Provide sufficient time for your staff to do the things that make a difference to their lives and you’ll notice it’s absolutely beneficial for your firm, as you’re solidifying your relationships.

Working remotely for the day, or parts of the day, will help some employees juggle their work and home lives. Young children need taking care of, as do some other family members, and the ability to work from home for the afternoon, for example, will help out massively.

Burnout in the accounting industry is rife. Giving your team some time to rest and replenish their mental health is not only kind, it’ll raise efficiency within your firm. No longer will employees sit at their desks struggling in silence, rather they’ll be able to take on their tasks with enthusiasm.

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