6 ways to get the best out of Futrli

6 ways to get the best out of Futrli

Here are our top tips to make you get the best out of Futrli…

1. 3-way cashflow forecasting

Historical reporting is great for spotting past trends, but it’s far more beneficial to be looking ahead. Forecasting shows you an accurate projection of where your clients’ businesses are heading. It’s a springboard for decision making, displaying any trends and patterns that crop up in the data. And we’ve made sure it’s super flexible, so there’s a lot of space to explore possible futures.

2. Real-time reporting

Cloud automation significantly reduces risk factors in reporting. Sometimes, though, a printed report is what’s needed. Simply hit ‘print’ on any of your dashboards to convert them into PDF management reports. Perfect for client takeaways, snapshots of progress, and, of course, presenting data to banks, investors and boards.

3. Automated alerts

This feature could be your most timesaving and revenue increasing secret weapon. Real-time data can feel like too much to monitor, so we set you up with five automated alerts to let you know when a business is nearing a pre-arranged threshold or spend limit. Alerts help you be proactive rather than reactive, staying on top of any changes and challenges facing your clients.

4. Non-financial data

To see a true representation of the success of a business, you need to look at everything. Ask your client about the mechanics of their business. They may well have a spreadsheet or software monitoring non-financial data already which is a great start. Things like customer satisfaction and review scores all count and should be included in your clients’ dashboards.

5. ‘What-if’ scenario planning

This analysis is a powerful planning and forecasting technique that uses different sets of assumptions to assess the impact of any changes on a project or on a forecast. What would happen if they lost their biggest client? Find out with scenario planning. Comparing and contrasting your results will give your clients a greater understanding of the implications of decisions.

6. Futrli Advisory Certification

Last but certainly not least, our very own certification course will help you fill the gaps in your knowledge and master the platform. We’ve just redesigned our comprehensive course to be fully online and modular. Foundation level is free and great for business owners to get up to speed. The other three modules (Forecasting, Reporting and Practice) are perfect for accountants of any level, Futrli Advisory Certification is CPD-accredited and gets you thinking like an advisor. Use your new skills to make better decisions and earn more revenue. You’ll get the best out of Futrli and more for your time!

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