Accelerate your firm’s learning: nail upskilling to advisory

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It’s said that education is the key to success. And when you think about it, where would we be without it?

From school to university, our education takes us to new heights. But, of course, there are a few things you won’t learn in the classroom.

What’s the digital version of a bookworm?

From those of us who grew up with their nose in a book to those who learn by listening, education gives us world-knowledge. It helps us to develop perspective. And we learn to form opinions and our own point of view on things.

The privilege of education is one of the most powerful weapons you have in your arsenal.

Without modern learning, like courses and practices, we wouldn’t be able to succeed in the ways we currently do. As advisors, this success is in unlocking what it is that makes a business tick. There are a great number of digital courses you can enrol in, and even YouTube videos you can watch, that will empower you to learn these methods in detail.

To find a course which is CPD-accredited will also add to your CV and portfolio. We believe education is the key to success, so we created our very own course for you to take your offerings up to the next level. The Futrli Advisory Certification course is your one-stop to learning the fundamentals for upskilling to advisory, advanced forecasting and even best practice for getting client and staff buy-in.

There’s a mixture of resources in the course to help you get the hang of this new way of working. From articles and case studies for readers, to interactive quizzes and videos for hands-on visual learners, get certified and see the possibilities.

Exams don’t have to be testing

When we say exams, there are a couple of different sets to pass. The first is for your team. It’s important to gauge what level they’re at and where improvements need to be made before upskilling to . The second is for your clients. But neither is something to stress about.

To get a steer on how much work is involved in getting the team up to scratch, give out a quiz. There are loads of websites that can give you a questionnaire to circulate free of charge. Once the results are in, you can start plotting for your advisory prefects to takeover.

Whoever is giving you the best answers can go through training quickly, as they’re more or less clued up to what they need to know. They’ll lead the advisory charge and you can spend a bit more time nurturing the skillsets of the less well performing.

Next, get your clients to sit and answer your questions. This qualifies their suitability to the higher-ticketed services you’re rolling out.

Some clients will be ready to make the jump into monthly billing, forecasting, regular meetings and the like. But do bear in mind, it’s not for everyone. Your much smaller clients are going to need these services but won’t necessarily be able to afford them. There’s a solution on the horizon, though, so watch this space.

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Wish every day was a field trip?

Learning doesn’t just happen in a structured way. There’s a lot to be said about getting out into the world and finding great ways to upskill and finding fantastic new ways of doing things.

Think back to when you’d head to the zoo for the day or explored rockpools. That’s where you learnt about ecosystems, evolution and the environment.

It’s a similar thing when you do site visits at your clients’ businesses. You’re seeing your client in their natural habitat, and how the business is managed and overcomes issues.

Finally, get out of the office to attend events. Our favourite accounting-specific expos have got to be Accountex in London, Accounting Business Expo (ABE) in Sydney and the global Xerocon and QuickBooks Connect events that are held throughout the year. They make upskilling to advisory more fun than you’d expect!

When you can get out and stretch your networking wings, listen to leaders and those disrupting the status quo, you’ll come back to the office inspired to try out new ideas. And your attendance often goes towards your CPD points, so get out and conquer.

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