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The Millennial Business Owner-Accounting Firm Survey Special Report shows us the opinions of 1000 respondents aged 39 and under. As millennials make up more than 75 million of the population, they’re a market steadily taking over.

Lose the paper

We’re a proudly paperless office here at Futrli. This way of working allows us to achieve the same tasks in our days but a lot quicker, and more collaboratively. We get as many pairs of eyes on the work we do, so we can ensure it’s the best quality before publishing it.

By going paperless, you’ll save filing space, time, and have stronger security with the ability to encrypt and add security layers to your files. A key part of paperless working is upping your customer satisfaction as automated, or instant messaging allows you and your team to jump into online chats as soon as a client needs assistance. As we found out from Owner of award-winning The Wow Company and Head of Accounting at Xero, Paul Bulpitt:

At Wow, we use Zendesk to guarantee response times to clients. If you have an urgent query, even if your accountant is on holiday or in meetings all day, we can get back to you much faster than if a message was left sitting in an email inbox or as a missed call in a mobile.


What does the report find on paperless accounting?

All age groups indicate a preference for paper-free accounting, with ages 31- 39 indicating positive responses of 78% and 40-55 at 66%. Business owners 56+ approve of paperless accounting by 45%, but display the largest proportion of those uncomfortable with the idea (20%).

Businesses spend nearly a quarter of the year on paperwork. In those months, think what you could achieve. And you’ll be doing the environment a huge favour, so get going if you haven’t already.

Adjust your pricing

This one is a win-win. As you can see below, the majority of respondents of this report side with monthly billing:

This trend is most apparent with those 30 and younger. More than half support monthly at rates and 31% prefer fixed fees, compared to 14% who prefer hourly billing.

This is beneficial for two reasons:

  1. Your clients will know exactly how much to budget for your services, which will simplify their forecast. Having this monthly amount accounted for and planned for will placate some of the worries of their outgoings. For you, this is brilliant! You can wave goodbye to hourly billing, which can be quite detrimental to your firm as you may spend many hours preparing their admin on clients behalf.
  2. You’ll earn more – you could be missing the mark with how much you should be earning per client. Adopting a monthly payment scheme will benefit your firm as you’ll be able to rely on MMR (monthly recurring revenue). So long as these monthly clients are being looked after to the best of your firm’s ability, you’ll notice you’ll have extra time to work on your referral count and hunting down new leads.

Is your pricing right? Have you reviewed your pricing structure recently? There are myriad variables in life and your firm which could mean you’re missing out on revenue.

We know you tell your clients not to be a bank for their customers but you need to listen (and action) your own advice here. Bill your clients straight away so there’s no room for revenue to go awry.

Add value to your services

The report tells us that while tax services are the biggest hitter still for accounting firms, strategy-based packages aren’t too far behind. As reported:

More than half (52%) of business owners 39 and younger say they must have a firm that provides strategic insight and guidance for their organisations. This necessity complements services that younger generations already consume such as CFO/consulting services.

Our community of accountants is switching to advisory services. Checking in with them, we know that adding value to services is the way to be working. See what they had to say:

Sam Wood of Blu Sky Chartered Accountants, based in the UK, says:

The whole team are now so eager to sell forecasting to clients because they understand the value of it for businesses across the board, not just larger companies.

Mike Foster of CRM Accounting, based in the UK, says:

I think compliance has done its job. While it’s a valuable service, we’ve noticed that traditional styles of accounting aren’t quite hitting the mark for clients anymore. That’s why we’ve put advisory on the top of our list.

Stay current

An incredible 72% of millennial business owners consider instant response rates from their accountants a non-negotiable part of service. A generation that grew up alongside the evolution of technology, millennials won’t be impressed if you put off their questions, or miss their emails.

When polled about frustrations, only 5% of millennial owners indicate that learning new technology represents a challenge. The percentages for other generations rank technology as a more substantial challenge at 10% for 40-55 and 20% for 56+.

If you don’t fall into this segment of society yourself, sit down with your younger counterparts and ask them how they think adopting technological processes and software could help your firm run efficiently. Would they use the cloud if they owned a business? Have they suggested this newer way of operating?

Speak with clients and your team to see how you can implement some positive changes.
The Millennial Business Owner-Accounting Firm Survey Special Report
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