Don’t be a software reseller, sell your service instead

Business owner in tech sits at table and explains to other businessperson using laptop and phone and pen and documents on table to not be a software reseller and to sell a service #business

When Futrli was born, cloud accounting was new enough that it was a USP for accounting firms. But even then, it wasn’t the software that “sold” clients on the firm they selected: it was the person.

If you can help clients learn more about their business than they already know, they’ll want you on their team. It’s that simple.

Your knowledge is more valuable than software

You are selling yourself. Not Futrli, or QuickBooks, or Gocardless. You are selling confidence, inspired ideas, security and assurance. Software alone will not do that. But what you deliver as a service, absolutely will.

Sit down with your client and look at their business and work out if they’re happy with the direction it’s taking. Give them a health check to see how they compare against their own targets and industry benchmarks.

This will get the attention of any business owner. You’ll be talking to them about their business in the language they understand. Software is definitely part of the puzzle, but what you bring to the table is what they want to pay you for.

Boost productivity by using the software as support

With a wealth of data insights available thanks to the cloud, it’s this that will give you an edge as an advisor. Understanding this data is going to set you apart from competitors – not the software itself.

Using automated software that links up data will increase your productivity. Tasks are automated therefore saving you time. You can use this time to get under the hood of client businesses.

Using Futrli will help you get ahead of other firms. You don’t spend less time on clients, you spend less time on the tasks that don’t prove your value. You can spend time talking to the business owners you work with and really prove that your knowledge is crucial to the success of their companies.

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