How to enhance your accounting career

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Read up

Keeping up with content created by industry pros is a solid way to stay in the know. You’ll gain valuable insight into the way they operate, and will probably give you a few ideas for your own firm.

Spend a few hours here and there reading your clients’ websites and blogs. You’ll connect to them better, understanding what they’re interested in. This also opens up the conversation about testimonials and case studies. They’re a personal touch and legitimises the results of your work. Our case studies sum us up as a company, but they also allow our existing customers to tell their story.

Speak up

Getting your voice heard can be tough. In an internet-obsessed world, the majority of us are small fish in a big pond. It’s a constant battle to be noticed, so take a step away from your screen and grow your brand organically. Making connections is a key part of your professional development.

While it can be a bit awkward at first the more you get out to networking events, the easier it gets. If you’re able to, check out the attendees before the networking event. Beelining the relevant people means you can take on the event efficiently.

Show up

Exhibitions are the best place to make valuable connections, and we say this with a lot of experience.

We’re big fans of the larger events like Accountex and Xerocon because anyone who’s anyone is present and ready to share their exciting news. Spend the day in this lovely environment – you just never know who you might bump into. We’ve had the privilege of exhibiting Futrli to our industry peers over the last few years and these events have contributed to our growth.

Brush up

Continuing professional development (CPD) schemes are brilliant. Upskill yourself and your team while you work. As you’ll have noticed, it can be a challenge to keep up with industry advancements. We love to learn, and that’s why we’ve created our very own CPD course.

Futrli Advisory Certification is designed to teach you everything you need to know about advisory services, from the basics of forecasting right the way to rolling out your new way of working internally and to clients. We focus on educating potential advisors on the why and how.

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