How to increase efficiency in your accountancy firm

Accountant, business person, staff member, business owner looks at watch to see time and increase efficiency above wooden desk with laptop, tablet, notepad #business

1. Use the cloud. The cloud gives you instant access to real-time data. Platforms like Xero and QuickBooks allow accountants to accomplish basic tasks quickly. This frees up more time for you to offer new services to clients and generate more revenue. You’ll be able to add more value to your clients and even take on more customers.

2. Increase automation with business apps. We pull every single transaction from Xero and QuickBooks on a daily basis, keeping your clients’ forecasts and dashboards up to date with their actual performance. Controlling their cashflow to advance business growth has never been easier. 

3. Self-imposed deadlines. Start giving yourself small deadlines, for example, allocate an hour for the completion of one task, tackle your to-do list, and actually start ticking stuff off. Impose a set number of days to turn around clients’ work. If you and your team are closing jobs at set times, you’ll give yourselves more opportunity to take on more clients.

4. Identify areas of waste. If you use an integrated work application, sharing financial information can be done instantly. Therefore any time spent managing the information is removed. While this could be just 10 or 15 minutes in a day, think how you could use that time to target new clients or increase your contact time with clients. Investing time in clients as an advisor equals means more fee growth.

5. Mobile working. Instant messaging, web chats and video calls have made the working day more efficient. You no longer necessarily need to schedule a meeting with a client if they’re happy to video call. With less time wasted being on the move, you’re free to use more billable hours productively.

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