How to use advisory services to move clients to the cloud

Accountant from accountancy firm talks to client business owner and points at laptop screen on desk with plants, documents, pen, notes, notebook to show client how to move onto the cloud #cloud

Cloud-based platforms will streamline your day and allow you to focus on providing value-added services for your clients.

Get the conversation off to a flying start

Taking technology out of your client conversations is a great way to get started. If you come on too strong with how great Xero, or the cloud itself, is then you’ll risk sounding like a software reseller.

Talking to clients about their business is the only way you’ll be able to help them grow. You need to gauge where the gaps in your client’s knowledge are. Sit down and brainstorm ideas about how they could grow their business, and make sure you actually go down to where they’re based. You must be asking them a lot of questions too:

Do they set targets? Are they being met? How do they use the results to learn and grow? Do they input their figures into a forecast?

Make sure you know as much as possible about their operations.

Identify client pain

Drilling down into a business’ financial data will show you how they’re likely to perform in the coming years, but asking them which KPIs they measure, and similar will also show how much they know about their own company.

It’s great to see a client’s eyes light up when talking about their company. Explore where they struggle too, and get to the bottom of why they’re not succeeding at the rate they could be. It’s around now that you could bring software into the conversation. Input their actual figures into a forecast and show them how much better their results would be if they followed and listened to their forecast.

Back up your advice with software

Set up a forecast with your clients to show how quickly adjustments can be made. Ask them if they’re looking to hire or expand and use that to input the scenario into the platform and show how, within minutes, they’d be able to make a strong, informed decision about their business.

Futrli is designed to make reporting on figures easy, quick and simple. When you present the platform with your own branding, you’ll be reinforcing your brand and ensuring their figures are accurate and easy to access. It’s win-win for your firm, and your clients will thank you for saving them money and stress. Futrli will unlock valuable insights into their data, positioning you and your firm as leaders in the advisory space.

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