Nail your new way of working with an advisory roadmap

A woman in a white shirt typing at a laptop moving into the advisory space with a coffee cup next to her on a desk.

Once you’ve signed up with Futrli, our team are on hand to help you devise a flawless advisory roll out plan. We’ll be in touch to help you answer all the questions you, your team and your clients might have. Knowing where to start when you change the way you’re working can be challenging, so take advantage of our structured plan to start the process. Here’s a sneak preview of the types of things you can expect from your Futrli advisory roadmap…

Start answering the difficult questions

We hear time and time again firms asking how the intricacies work. How do I price these new services? How many clients should I approach? How do I choose which clients would benefit from these services?

Your roadmap helps fill the gaps in your knowledge. It’ll help you answer these questions and any others you might have about your transition into the advisory space.

Focus on the insights

Encouraging your clients to adopt cloud accounting packages, can be a significant time saver. Without having to import spreadsheets, you have more time to give in-depth advice on how to improve your client’s finances.

Having a cloud connection means the information in Futrli automatically flows through from Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB. Your data is always up-to-date, which in turn, means you can give accurate advice. It works as your live business plan.

Things to think about and include in your plan:

  • How many clients you have and want to convert
  • Regularity of client meetings
  • Who will head up your advisory team
  • Your ideal timeframe for rollout

Make sure you set up realistic milestones, so you can launch your new advisory services without a hitch. From this, you can prioritise and start launching the different facets of your new way of working.

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