Need to reinvent your accounting firm?

Need to reinvent your accounting firm?

1. Update your offerings

Be crystal clear in your intentions. The first step of reinventing your firm is to make a plan and introduce your team to it. We’d suggest a meeting of the entire staff and allow your employees to throw out suggestions and ideas. Collaborating on ideas always ends in better results, so be an open book and hear people out. There are, of course, some bad ideas but listening to them will probably start a conversation, and help you end up in the right place. Plus your staff will feel comfortable speaking up, and that’s a great thing.

Clients will pay you for your knowledge and guidance, not for you to do their administrative tasks. Helping a client to look backwards means you can’t really help them grow their business. However, if you help them fix their gaze to the horizon, you’ll find they’re far more receptive to you. Helping them work out how to achieve their goals will rejuvenate their lust for success and benefit your firm too. Business owners talk, and accounting is something all of them need to get right. This will get your reputation out there organically.

2. Raise the stakes

Investing time and money is always a gamble. However, if you invest it in getting your entire team up to a certain standard, the investment will pay off in revenue in no time. Assuming your staff are all qualified accountants, push them up a level with Futrli Certification.

Until now, education, enablement and market-leading software have existed independently from each other. If you’re sold on advisory, but don’t know how to get going with it, our team of CPAs, CIMAs, developers, advisors and our community have come together to produce this course. When you take an integrated approach to working you remove friction, so you can with a lot more efficiently. Obtaining this qualification will ready you for rolling out advisory services. The course takes you from the basics of what will be expected from you, right through to implementing the services to your firm and for your clients.

3. Nail your branding

White labelling Futrli will present it as your own We’re here to be your technology partner, as your focus must be on training up advisors. You’ve not spent years training to become a software reseller, so leave us to power the tech and focus on using it to help your clients.

You need to have coherent and modern branding across all of your outlets. A simple and slick design makes a website user-friendly. Any customer of any business will ultimately give up if the app or website isn’t beautifully obvious in its controls.

Brand recognition is such a powerful way of marketing your firm, and you must make sure that your design is clear, stands out, and represents you and your firm.

4. Nurture your USP(s)

Spreading yourself risks seeing the quality of your services slide. We know you want to please each and every client and attract new ones, but if you can’t match their needs, then your firm will really feel it. Your staff will feel overworked and stressed, and your firm’s reputation will flag.

Pick out a handful (perhaps four to six) of services that are your strongest and most popular. Work on them until they’re perfected. It’s like the old saying ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ – you cannot master a skill (or in this case service) if you’re busy trying to learn every aspect of advisory in one go. Do as industry leaders do, and focus on what makes you special.

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