Stand out from the competition with white labelling

A person looking at a printed PDF management report from Futrli that has been white labelled with a firm called Woodely Practice's logo and colours, next to a coffee and a laptop.

White labelling means you can have your very own Forecasting & Reporting platform, powered by Futrli. We project your branding across our platform, so your dashboards, graphs, reports and more are aligned with your website, social media and other marketing offerings. It pulls together all of your services as one, meaning you can remove the software from the conversation.

Is white labelling for you?

What you bring to your client’s business is the key to their satisfaction. If you’re starting out in the advisory space, or if your firm isn’t known for strategic advisory services, white labelling might well be the last piece of the puzzle.

It helps practices to stand out against their local and global competitors, providing continuous branding across everything client-facing. It can push you towards growth because of this, showing you’ve put in some hard work to make everything flow perfectly.

So, how can it help your firm?

You can sell a service, not software. Do you tell your team or clients about what printer or phone system you use to get the job done? Focus on what matters – the insights.
You can stand out from the competition. Make yourself known in the market as the firm that isn’t just talking about being proactive but actually delivering.

White labelling means you can own it. The quickest way to get your team on board is to make it theirs. When ownership and pride are involved, your entire firm will perform better.

Focus on being your clients’ advisor

A strong example of what can be achieved with white labelling is how Blu Sky Chartered Accountants, UK, have conquered the software and made it their own. Lead Client Account Manager Sam Wood says:

“White labelling the product has revolutionised the way we operate, as everything is cohesive and it has our name on it. We’re proud of the way it looks and love using it.”

Read the case study here.

Now they’ve rolled out Blu Prints to their clients they’ve noticed stronger client retention and brand loyalty rates, and are able to take a more proactive approach to new leads.

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