The best ways to promote your advisory services

Accountant stands at board and delivers presentation to colleagues sat at wooden table on laptops with documents and notebooks to hear accountant promote advisory services to business owners colleagues businesses. #advisory

The best firms are constantly drip-feeding their branding into their clients’ (and prospective clients’) subconsciouses. Some of our partners have white labelled the Futrli platform, so every time their clients check in with their figures, they’re being shown that firm’s branding. It’s a great way to get your firm noticed – and remembered.


Undoubtedly the most common means of signing up new clients, referrals are not to be shied away from. If you’re not sure how to ask your clients to recommend you to their peers, consider putting up a post on your website, a button on your email sign off and even just simply asking, ‘would you mind referring us?’.

If you go for the latter, perhaps give your existing client two of your business cards and asking if there are two business owners they know who might benefit from your services. Track referrals as a KPI, and try to build on your results each period.

Social media

While referrals are steaming ahead as the favourite way of drumming up business, social media is a popular way of finding an accountant for those 30 years and younger. While it’s not for everyone, it’s important to have an online presence, as it works as your face to a segment of your potential clients.

When you’ve got a good-sized audience, consider running one-off deals and offers to those who apply for them via your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages. LinkedIn is obviously an extremely valuable tool, and when used right can get you some great business and will up your reputation. If you’re the owner, use your position to share blogs and advice. Your name holds weight to it, and you’ll soon position yourself as a leader in your space.

Content marketing

Blogging adds personality to your firm. Even if you’re not going to be the next bestselling author, your wisdom is going to shine through. Clients should be coming to you for your expertise, and if they can see proof of it online they’ll soon be knocking on your door. Now you’re selling strategic services and have embraced advisory, your blog is a great place to tempt in clients who are looking for more from their accountant.

Your blog is a window into your firm and you need to utilise it. You can position yourself as an expert while keeping your audience entertained. And if you have time to write up a blog a week (or similar), you don’t have to spend any of your firm’s cash on it.

Use your website as your shop window

Similar to your social media, this is the world’s window into your firm – but your website is likely to get a lot more eyes on it that your Facebook page. Ensure you’ve listed out all of your services clearly and boldly on your homepage.

Attracting a younger generation of business owners via your site is a great way to boost your firm. Feed your branding through each and every page, as it’ll look professional and up your brand awareness – which usually turns into brand loyalty.

Email marketing

We put together our mailers to deliver the blogs you can’t afford to miss straight into your inbox. We know not everyone has time to read all of them, but giving each person who has signed up a regular dose of Futrli news and advice is a great way for us to remind people who we are and what we’re all about.

It’s a simple and digestible way to give news to your clients. Create a buzz before announcing something, or even surprise your subscribers with prizes and offers. Case studies are interesting and will show people you’ve done great work with businesses already, so don’t be afraid to shout about it.

Raise your community profile

Getting involved in the community will set your firm apart from your competitors. If you’re seen as a company that cares about their surroundings, local business owners will see you as the go-to firm. Sponsoring events, like parades and gatherings, will really build your brand and show that the firm is actually run by human beings, not just a money-hungry enterprise.

Charity events are a great place to be seen and have your branding. You’ll be shining a beacon of light to a brilliant cause and will then have some interesting photos and news to share.

Caring for existing clients

Never underestimate the power of nurturing clients. You should be checking in with your existing clients at least monthly, so next time you see them offer them a deal. Upselling is an efficient way of gaining more revenue as you’ve already won the client. If a client has a very basic package with you, gently suggest they could improve and grow with a little more guidance. If they want it and think it’s worth it, they will buy it.

If you need a little extra support with this, have a look at the Futrli Advisory Certification course. We’ll take you through how to be an advisor, right from the basics all the way to promoting your new services, and pricing it all out.

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