Top 7 productivity tools for accountants

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Adopting cloud-based technology in your firm has allowed you to step on the proverbial gas with the automation of compliance services. You’re free from the shackles of your desk and can show your clients you’re a real person – not just an email address. So now you’re finding your feet as an advisory whizz, we’ve compiled our top 7 productivity tools so your firm goes up another gear.

1. Zoom. Productivity is achievable on the go, and Zoom proves it. This video calling software stops distance being a problem. Record your chats for future reference, share your screen for tutorials and demos during meetings. Webinars are a great way of attracting clients and helping out a group of existing customers, too.

2. Slack. Eradicate internal emailing with Slack to clear the way for external mail. Create channels for teams to discuss projects, and make the most of the one-to-one instant messaging for a quick answer to any issue you might need resolving.

3. Trello. When you have multiple clients, it can get a little overwhelming as you’re being bombarded constantly with questions and deadlines. Use the cards to structure and organise your clients’ needs, and using the checklists you and your team can check in on a project statuses at a glance.

4. Futrli. We’re the only all in one cash flow forecasting and reporting platform on the market. You’ll always know how your clients are performing against their budget and multiple what-if scenarios. Rely on our platform to monitor clients’ businesses when you need to work on something else.

5. Receipt Bank. Using a smartphone camera, snap your receipt and upload to Receipt Bank. Set up rules within the app to command payments to be made when and where you want. Say goodbye to mountains of receipts to work through in tax season.

6. TSheets. TSheets manages your employees for you; tracking timesheets, managing employees’ time and creating timesheet reports. Sign in and out of shifts and breaks, keeping everyone on the same page and rest assured every employee is pulling their weight.

7. BOMA. Marketing pros BOMA will crunch your campaign data and give you handy hints and innovative ideas as to how to better engage with your target audience. Explore a customer’s activity stream and discover how they’re interacting with your business across your website, email and social media.

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