Futrli helps Combi Cafe Australia to expand their business

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Combi Cafe shows cakes made by their business which is growing with Futrli #entrepreneur


Combi Cafe was going through extreme growth and needed to gain insight and confidence for their decision-making. They wanted to expand but wanted to know it was the right choice. They needed real-time data and an advisor who knew what to do with it.


The team started working with Oreon Partners, who are dedicated cloud advisors. They introduced the Combi team to Xero and Futrli. Now, owner Anthony Baker can see the impact of his decisions – big and small.


The team’s permanent cafe is going from strength to strength. Real-time data has made all the difference to the business, as busy and quiet spells can be forecasted. Anthony can also run various outcomes to his decisions, and to seasonal changes, etc, through the Futrli scenario planner. He’s gained true insight from working with Futrli.

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How it all started

Anthony Baker, the owner of Combi Cafe, explains that he started the business out of the back of an old VW Combi. Yes, hence the name! Things took a romantic turn as he met his wife while working and they carried on building the business together. After struggling with paperwork for some time, they were fortunate to receive some great advice and started working with Oreon Partners and transferred their accounts to Xero. With the confidence gained from having access to up-to-date information in real time, they decided to open the permanent cafe in Adelaide.

Running the business

As well as Xero, Anthony uses a number of other apps including Receipt Bank and Futrli. He talks about how Futrli makes it easy for his managers to look at forecasts during the day, look at peak periods of sales and determine which staff members sold the most. He said:

“This just makes it so much easier to see how the business is going.”

Please note, this video was filmed before our rebrand and therefore they refer to the product as CrunchBoards.

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