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5 top tips to master email overload

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Sometimes it can feel like your inbox is controlling your life – both at work and in your personal time. Try out our top tips to master your overflowing inbox and save yourself precious time to get back to running your business.

1. Get to know your email client

It makes sense that if you want to get on top of your email that you need to know all the ins and outs of the email client that you use, to exploit as many shortcuts as possible. We are big fans of Gmail here at Futrli so our advice will be slightly Google-centric, though the tips we share will be applicable in some form across alternatives.

2. Filter priority messages

Clearly, not every single email received needs instant attention. Filter out the most important messages with Gmail’s Priority Inbox. It filters your inbox automatically so that you can prioritise your time effectively. Though perhaps not quite as effective or straightforward, you can probably achieve something similar with another email client and some well-constructed filters.

3. Use multiple inboxes to organise several accounts in one view

Most of us have numerous Gmailemail accounts for various reasons. Whatever your reasons, multiple inboxes will consolidate them into one, giving you one view for all your accounts rather than necessitating multiple windows being open and flicking between them.

4. Use Boomerang

This upgraded extension for Gmail allows you to “snooze” messages and schedule them for a point in the future, clearing your inbox until you’re ready. Boomerang can also automate follow-up emails and notify you if someone doesn’t reply. It essentially frees up your brain and calendar and helps you regain some control.

5. Use Text Expansion to save yourself hours of typing

We’re all about automation here at Futrli. Anytime we can get tech to do the hard yards, we’re all for it. So if you find yourself writing a lot of the same phrases repeatedly in your emails it’s worth considering TextExpander or something similar to replace small pieces of text with often used phrases. This can reduce some of the tedious time spent typing and allow you to move on more quickly.

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