Avoid these bad habits that will impact your business

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You need to be on top form to be able to make life-altering (and business-altering) decisions, so let’s have a look at which bad habits you need to cut out of your life to make your business as well as it can.

Ignoring downtime. Can you think of how many evenings you’ve spent not looking at screens this year? It might seem important to be constantly on call – just in case anything goes wrong. But, when you are needed to fix something, how can you help if you’ve burnt yourself out? The importance of resting is not to be underestimated. Getting enough downtime will see your productivity increase significantly.

Doing everything yourself. While this is tempting, you cannot operate your business completely alone. When you’re finding your feet as an entrepreneur, wanting to do every task yourself – in your way – is a great way to stretch yourself too thin and cause yourself more work later down the line. It’s hard to let go of certain aspects of your business but a key attribute of a great boss is the ability to delegate.

Using the wrong metrics. You can’t make great decisions based on hard data if you don’t measure the correct KPIs. With any business, you need to be aware of the areas that are operating well, and the ones that aren’t. Some metrics may be more applicable than others, so ensure you’re selecting the correct ones to measure.

Employing the wrong people. You need to invest in people that are going to help your business grow. If you employ people that you trust to accomplish tasks efficiently. You’ll be confident in your team and will be able to take time for yourself, increasing productivity across the board. A successful organisation is one that takes into account education and collaboration.

Thinking you’re always right. Recognising when you do get things wrong will make you more relatable to your staff, and admitting flaws can often draw in respect. Having a trustworthy deputy on-side will allow you to bounce ideas around between you, giving you a broader vision of what your business needs.

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