Essential business tools every startup needs for success

Essential business tools every startup needs for success

We have a range of tools we use here at Futrli, and some of them are perfect for a startup level business. Here are our favourites.

Organisation. Setting up meetings and sharing events is made easy with Google calendar. We use it for all of our internal and external appointments. It allows you to keep tabs on your people, so booking in team meetings becomes a breeze.

External communication. We use Zoom a lot. It’s so much easier than a phone call or email because you’re face-to-face with the person you need to speak to. Sharing your screen increases efficiency in the workplace too.

Internal communication. Emails constantly clogging up your inbox?. We use Slack in the Futrli office, as it works as a professional instant messaging service. Sharing files is quick and easy, and added emoticon and giphy features mean you can have a laugh with it too.

Project management. We use Trello to keep track of where we are with our promotional projects. Others on the team can log in and check up on the blog’s progress, add suggestions and tag other staff to get their opinion too. We all know exactly where we are with everything.

Finances. Xero syncs with your bank account, so you can log in and see what’s happening at any time, from anywhere. Nobody has time to manually create invoices and chase them, so let Xero do the heavy lifting with automated reminders and online payments.

Forecasting. We wouldn’t run Futrli without Futrli. We always know how we’re performing against our budget and multiple what-if scenarios. Forecasting is the best tool you can have as a business owner, as it gives you peace of mind about the health of your business.

CRM. We use Intercom to keep up with our customers. It’s an easy-to-use CRM system, in which everyone’s details and status are clear to see. If ever a customer has a question, an in-app messenger will alert us so we help. You can also monitor how well your team are dealing with issues that come in.

Payment. Stripe allows you to accept payments with ease. They are great for time-saving and accuracy, and when integrated with, Futrli you can see insight into customer payments against forecasted figures. This is a great tool to see how you’re performing against your targets.

Networking. While we’re sure you’re already on LinkedIn, it’s a great tool for entrepreneurs. Use the chat bar to connect with old acquaintances, and join specific groups to ‘e-meet’ your industry peers. The more active you are, the better! Just make sure your profile is up to date and you’re ready to go.
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