Get comfortable with being uncomfortable in business and in life

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It’s not the discomfort you feel that is positive in itself, but rather, the sign that you’re engaging in positive entrepreneurial practices that can bring value to your life. Some examples of the benefits of getting comfortable being uncomfortable include:

1. Helping you move past fear

You will no doubt feel fear at its fullest, many times over while running a business. You may have to suddenly plug an unexpected and sizable tax bill or feel the gut-wrenching feeling of losing a major client to a direct competitor. Whatever it is, moving past fear requires some degree of acceptance of discomfort. If not, you may cave in at the first sign of trouble and take the easier option of just quitting. By embracing fear as an inevitable part of the process of running a business and seeing it more positively, as a sign you are following your dreams, you can stop it being your master. This has significant positive implications for your business as well as for you wider life, as nothing kills a dream quite like fear.

2. Encouraging experimentation

You have to be prepared to take a risk in order for your business to be cutting edge, and attain and retain success long term. Therefore, if you can get comfortable with the discomfort that is caused by taking a risk trying something new, you open yourself and your business to new opportunities. New experience, be it a parachute jump or going to that business conference where you don’t know anyone else, helps your personal growth and allows you to become a more rounded business person that can bring new insight to your business.

3. Growing your network

Another major benefit of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is the potential of expanding your network by going out and meeting people in various contexts outside your social bubble. This opens you up to learning from new perspectives and enhancing your ability to relate to a more diverse group of people. This can only be good for when you are next designing a product or find yourself pitching for business.


When it gets too much

There’s no escaping the fact, however, that there will still be moments when the discomfort gets too much, no matter how inoculated you are. So, here’s our list of things to try when the discomfort is really starting to get to you.
1. Go for a walk, or run outside. Fresh air and movement really help ease those feelings of discomfort and unease.
2. Seek out like-minded people and share your experiences with them. Remember, the worse the experience was for you the better the story is.
3. Water is a great restorer and mover of energy. Make sure you drink enough and treat yourself to long showers or baths.
4. Get out of your head and into your body and go get a massage.
5. Give yourself the opportunity for some stillness each day and meditate.
6. Notice your improvements, remember your achievements and revel in them. Build your confidence by comparing the person you were, to what you have become and are becoming.

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