Manage your time better with these 6 techniques

Pocketwatch in hand for time #productivity

Time management is crucial to your business’ success. Whether you’re from London, Tokyo, New York or Moscow, there will be some top advice here that applies to you.

1. Audit your day. Do a time audit of your average day. Track all the things you do, and the amount of time spent on them, from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep at night. You’ll uncover where your time is being best spent and where it’s being wasted.

Use your audit along with some honest self-reflection to identify exactly where you’re wasting the time in your day and implement changes to rectify this. Categories to consider include; email, phone calls, meetings, breaks, errands, and other non-productive tasks.

The idea is 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts. The key then is to focus your time on the 20% area that’s getting you the best results for your business so you can invest more time here.

Spend your first 30 mins at home or work planning your day. Better yet, do it the night before. Any task or conversation that you identify as key to your business’ success, needs to have a time assigned to it. When you are inevitably interrupted, go back to the next item on your list.

Take a minute before a meeting to think about the outcome you desire. It helps you identify success and attracts the result you want. Likewise, taking five minutes afterwards helps you to identify what went right or wrong, and you can adapt for the next time.

When you just absolutely have to get something done, turn off your phone, email and social media until you finish. If you miss something, just apologise and deal with it once you’ve taken care of your priorities. Imagine how easy your next cashflow forecast will be without interruptions!

Forecast how an increase in your productivity will impact your business. When you see just how much your bottom line improves after making changes that increase your efficiency, you will find you have far more willpower to keep things the way you know they should be.

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