The 7 best Xero add ons for your business

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There are over 500 Xero add-ons to help you run your business. To spare you from losing hours investigating them all, this blog summarises 7 favourite apps that our customers tell us have transformed their business.

Your accounting is powered by the cloud, thanks to Xero, and now you have time to read this blog and claw back even more efficiency gains.

1. Stripe. We use Stripe and love its connection to Xero. You can securely accept payments, create new revenue streams and even expand globally. Working seamlessly with Apple Pay, Android Pay, Alipay and Bitcoin, they’re demolishing the barriers to start and operate a business.

2. TSheets. Track timesheets, manage your employees’ time and create timesheet reports with TSheets. Teams love them because of their user-friendly interface, and employers love them because even remote workers’ time can be used more productively with GPS time trackers.

3. Deputy. This is, quite literally, your virtual second in command, so you can utilise more of your valuable time to be Sheriff. It’s a complete staff management toolkit, helping you schedule time and tasks, log timesheets and performance, staff holiday/absence, overtime and payroll management.

4. iwoca. If you’re in need of a cash injection and aren’t sure where to turn, get in touch with iwoca. Their quick and simple approval system will measure your business performance and have the money in your account in a matter of hours. They pride themselves on moving as fast.

5. It’s a plus to not worry about your bills going out or cash rolling in. sends invoice/payment reminders to customers, choose your own payment method and even set up recurring invoices and payments. Select bills from a list to pay them in seconds, eradicating paperwork.

6. Futrli. Every business decision we make starts here. Our connection to Xero means we don’t need to manually update our actuals and we always know how we’re performing against our budget and multiple what-if scenarios. The past, present and future are all in one place, so we can focus on growth.

7. Square. Every retail service you can imagine, all in one place. They’ve integrated key services like tracking sales and inventory, managing items and employees. You can even customise your products with photos, names and prices to give them a personal edge, giving your business more personality.

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