The benefits of a paperless office

Glasses sit on laptop on wooden desk with mouse and chair in a paperless office #paperless

Save space

Goodbye filing cabinets! Storing your files online is going to save you a load of space. It also means you can expand your team and make the most of the room you have in your office. Or, you could downsize and make a saving on your rent.

Save time

Just hit ‘search’ when hunting for documents. You can also automate so many tasks these days it will revolutionise the way you work. Rather than wasting your time with tedious admin, set up workflows to do it for you. You’ll be completing some tasks in seconds, instead of hours.

Collaboration becomes easier

Jumping on the same document makes communicating your thoughts a lot easier. Here at Futrli, we rely on Google Docs a lot because they’re easy to amend on the go or remotely. All automatically backed up in Google Drive, we can rest assured our work is safe and waiting for us. We’re always jumping on video calls to discuss our work too, mostly using Zoom.

Stronger security

There’s nothing worse than a document falling into the wrong hands. Especially if it’s sensitive information. Implement a policy that everyone working for you understands. Log the creation and use, all the way to the destruction of a document. In Futrli, for example, you can easily control permissions. Pick and choose who can do what, from managers to supervisors or even entry-level employees.

Customer satisfaction improves

In the modern world, we’ve got used to instant everything. Is your business using technology to help your customers? Having this functionality stops the relentless ringing of the phone from disrupting your admin time. You’ll be serving customers quicker and more efficiently.

It’s cost-effective

While the post is preferred by some, and is unavoidable in some industries, it’s going to cost you. Can you say the same thing in an email? With design technology being so advanced, you could say the same thing but more nicely presented, with your branding, effectively for free. This takes into account the amount spent annually on paper, ink, etc and maintenance against the longevity of a computer bought new.

Great for the environment

Cutting down on your paper consumption will lower this rate of unsustainable deforestation, though you’ll need to look into responsibly disposing of your electronics too to really make a difference.

Disaster recovery is possible

Backing up your work means even if you have managed to accidentally delete it, you can probably recover it. Jotting down a note to yourself and never seeing it again happens to the best of us, and it’s such a pain. Write it on your computer, phone or tablet and even if that breaks or gets lost, recovery is possible if you’ve backed up.

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