The importance of leadership in business

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Democratic leaders tend to be the most successful. They’ll listen to their team as equals, even though the proverbial ‘buck’ stops with them. Known to give guidance and support to staff, these leaders often get the most productivity out of their staff they feel valued and nurtured. Team engagement starts at the top. Your team are looking to you to guide the way.

As time goes by, the majority of the workforce will be millennials. It’s this younger section of society who favour a more collaborative and flexible working week, therefore traditional authoritarian styles of leading are becoming unfashionable.

From this we can understand that leadership is fundamentally linked to our personalities, therefore must come from empathy. If a manager or business owner is unable to connect on a personal level to employees, then, how can they be a successful driving force in the business?

How do you need to lead your team?

While yelling at people for stepping a toe out of line may seem like an appealing way to relieve stress, it will not get you anywhere fast with your team. We understand it can be frustrating when things aren’t going smoothly, but a key part of problem-solving is being able to remain level-headed.

When trying to appeal to a group of people, you must keep in mind that they’ve come together from varied backgrounds and will have diverse personalities. Some essential traits of a brilliant manager include:

  • Strong communication
  • Organisation
  • Respectful attitude towards others, regardless of position in the business
  • Fairness

Don’t become swamped by your workload. Delegation is a great art and you need to learn to do it if you haven’t already. Things as simple as setting up your managers on your financial systems, for example, exudes trust and will give them a better understanding of where you’re going with your business. Dishing out tasks for your team will free up your time and make for a more engaged staff as they’ll feel responsible and the more confidence you have in them, the more they’ll have in you.

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