Want to attract millennials to your business? Read our top tips

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The task of attracting millennials to your business can seem difficult, to say the least. Larger companies typically seduce the top talent and, it’s because these brands are more familiar, that smaller businesses are overlooked.
While the energy and creativity of a millennial can provide a potent shot in the arm, you must remember that your company can greatly benefit them too and it’s your job to show them how!

Are your job adverts millennial-friendly?

Firstly, you need to go where their eyes are, and nowadays, that’s going to involve social media. If you haven’t done so already, then you’ll need to create a company page on a variety of relevant platforms and start advertising your vacant positions there. As a bonus, it also has the effect of making your business look tech-savvy, which is good for attracting clients as well as employees.
Consider using infographics and images instead of overly wordy descriptions, as millennials are far more visual than preceding generations. At the very least, avoid using technical business jargon in your advertisement, as it can turn younger audiences off.

Do you have a fun workplace culture?

Aside from the remuneration that you’re offering, why should a millennial work for you? You quite rightly expect a high level of professionalism and for the team to roll up their sleeves when there is a particularly important deadline to meet, but don’t forget that it’s a two-way street.
Millennials place a lot of value on workplace culture and are aware of the benefits many employees now enjoy thanks to the example set by companies such as Google. Salary is still a huge driver for most, but a more rounded and personal experience at work is now expected. This does involve more than a table tennis table and free beer – though they definitely help!

Is your business socially conscious?

Millennials want to feel that the job they are doing is benefiting the world around them. The Deloitte Millennial Survey of 2016, found that 87% agreed that a business’ success shouldn’t only be based on its financial performance. Millennials tend to have a strong social conscience and your recruitment is likely to improve if you can shift your company focus towards helping your local area.
Another motivator comes from the positive impact that being socially conscious can have upon your bottom line. Research has shown time and again that both customers and employees want to support organisations that are socially responsible and respond generously to the needs of their community – plus it’s just a great thing to do, giving you a sense of purpose and a greater feeling of connection with the world around you. It’s win-win.

Do you offer meaningful training and development?

The training and development opportunities that you offer, can have as much influence as the proposed salary, in convincing a millennial to choose your organisation. Having clocked up years of educational experience, it’s perhaps natural that millennials look at work opportunities holistically and veer towards those that allow them to continue to grow and develop.
By offering a meaningful development and training program, millennials will firstly, be more likely to choose your company, and secondly, more likely to remain with you. By showing potential employees that you’re willing to invest in their futures, you will inspire them to invest in your business as well.


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