What makes businesses succeed or fail?

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By this point in your career, you’re aware of the risk factors and statistics that accompany starting a business. Your venture has been a learning curve since you began, and you’ve had to reroute your plan more than once. But what separates you from the pack is your unrelenting passion for success. So, how are you going to translate this passion into practice?

Who is most likely to succeed?

In terms of financial success and security, those who succeed are those working in the cloud. With automation in place, you’ll save hours in front of spreadsheets, able to see a snapshot of where your business stands at a glance. Platforms like ours give you the option of collaboration, which enables you to delegate such things as staff hitting targets, therefore frees you up to continue paving the way to business success. Be a strong leader and prepare to trust your staff.

Using cloud-based technology helps you track each and every control factor in your business. Keeping tabs on each KPI you’ve set up shows you if any area of your business is starting to get into trouble. While KPIs in the traditional sense are important to measure, what we think is even more crucial is to measure them as Key Predictive Indicators, as projecting your future figures will enable you to see exactly what path you’re on.

Are you hitting the mark?

With an abundance of competitors on the market, it’s important to stand out. Bearing in mind the rapid development of technology and connectivity, here are a few of the main reasons that businesses fail:

  • Not having a product or service customers need
  • Not being versatile enough
  • Growing the business too quickly
  • Not planning properly
  • Not seeking help from an advisor
  • Leadership failure
  • Not learning from your mistakes
  • Ignoring market trends

If you’re still concerned about how to cope with misfortune in business, we recommend you seek support from your advisor. They’re there to help you navigate the rough seas ahead and can sit down and strategise with you. There’s a lot of help out there just waiting for you, so be brave and ask for support when you feel you need it.
Remember, failure is often a precursor to success and will teach you valuable lessons in life and business.

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