4 tips for staying ahead with your client’s cashflow

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You don’t need us to tell you just how important positive cash flow is to a growing business. The question is how you can effectively communicate that message to your clients, so you are helping them to look forward at all times.
Thanks to the advances in cloud technology, helping your clients with cashflow is a much faster, more accurate, and less arduous task than ever.
Devastating cash shortfalls can be spotted quicker, and unruly debtors brought to heel more efficiently thanks to ‘at a glance’ dashboards and real­-time reports.
Here are a few ways to stay one step ahead when it comes to cashflow forecasting and analysis:

1. Set up alerts

Using a cloud reporting and forecasting platform that interfaces with your client’s accounting software and online banking allows you to analyse an always up-­to-­date picture of the business’ performance.
This real-­time feed of financial information is complemented by the ability to set up alerts to notify you if those numbers change. Upon receiving an alert, you can then dig a little deeper and make informed recommendations to your client, adding value to your own service in the process.
Cloud technology offers huge time-savings. For example, Futrli can automate these alerts, and this will feed you the information you need so impactful conversations with your client are on-point for them and effortless for you.

2. Spot trends

Having access to accurate cash flow information is crucial, and will help you help your client avoid a nasty surprise or two further down the line. By picking up on and effectively communicating particular trends, such as the aforementioned cash shortfalls and debtors, you can ensure your client avoids steering their business into choppy waters.

3. Communicate cashflow success

An accurate cashflow report also allows you an understanding of your client’s current situation and provides you with the opportunity to communicate success where appropriate.
Have they hit their sales target for this month or quarter? Congratulate them on a job well done. Is their cash flow the healthiest it has ever been? Let them know the good news. They will certainly appreciate the sentiment and what’s more, they will see that you have taken an interest in the success of their business, thereby marking you out as their valued and trusted advisor.

4. Look to the future

Delivering that invaluable insight into your client’s cashflow will help them make better, more informed decisions regarding the health and performance of their business.
Futrli can help you keep your finger on the cashflow pulse, and report a clear, understandable, real-­time cashflow analysis to your clients like never before.

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