Stay ahead with our top 4 tourism KPIs

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With a lot of different offerings, the tourism industry can be a challenging one to measure KPIs for. You must ensure you keep your standards high to make sure customers return, and keep track of many moving parts.

1. Customer satisfaction: A crucial one in tourism, you need to measure this reputation metric to evaluate the quality of your services. You want to aim for a high customer satisfaction rate, as that will highlight brand loyalty. In turn, you’ll notice an uptick in repeat business and recommendations.

2. Number of visitors in a given time period vs transactions: This is crucial to measure, as it’ll reflect your ticket sales, which will also predict any retail transactions. You can measure this via your admission sales, if applicable.

3. Staff turnover: In normal operating conditions, you can measure this KPI to identify any problems with staff retention. If staff aren’t sticking, you need to look at why. If people are leaving, you could be making a big loss on training time, wages and even severance packages. It’s much cheaper for you to retain existing staff.

4. Total revenue per available room: Tracking your total revenue per available room highlights how much revenue your business is generating per available room. This is calculated using total income from all sources rather than just that earned by each room. If you’re not earning as much as you need per room, look at benchmarked results from your industry standard to see if you’re charging the correct price.

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