The smart way to manage your cashflow

Business owner writes notes with pen on paper in notebook whilst working on Futrli on a laptop on a wooden desk with plants #cashflow

If you aren’t on top of your cashflow, don’t panic. Cashflow management is nothing to be scared of. Thanks to modern technology and software you don’t have to be a trained accountant to master it either.

Get on the cloud

Using spreadsheets to do your cashflow forecasts today is like choosing to use a typewriter for Twitter. It’s a slow, error-prone and disheartening way to manage finances. You’ll spend so long trying to make it do what you want you’ll waste precious hours better spent focusing on your business.

There are many excellent cloud computing options out there for SMEs to manage their accounts and cashflow with. From Xero to QuickBooks Online, entrepreneurs have never had so much technology to hand that can genuinely transform how they operate.

Cloud accounting lets you focus on turning all of your financial data into practical information you can use to make decisions and plan for your future.

Plan your future… all of them

Knowing what is coming in and out of your business is critical to success. With Futrli your cash flow can be visualised and made crystal clear. You don’t have to waste time trying to interpret and reshape blocks of dull numbers.

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