5 ways to improve employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction discusses and increased by two colleagues at desk in front of laptop, with phones, tablets, mugs, tea, coffee #business

1. Reduce commuting stress. Consider staggering work times to minimise the negative impact of heavy traffic. It’s also worth reviewing late arrival policies and building in more flexibility so that the stress of a bad commute is minimised. Allowing your workforce to work remotely eliminates the need for commuting altogether and enable your employees to work where they are most comfortable.

2. Create a growth environment. An employee views their job as much more than a source of income. The training and development opportunities that you provide, often have as much influence as the salary that you’re proposing. Try to create a growth environment by offering training and encouraging employees to take risks and learn new skills. Investing in your employees’ futures will inspire them to invest in your business as well.

3. Don’t waste time. Did the previous staff meeting need to last so long? Look for ways to be more efficient and implement more stand-up meetings. When people have no chairs to get comfy in, they are far more likely to stick to the agenda and waste less time. Likewise, meetings or conference calls before lunchtime, encourage your objectives to be met more quickly, as people become more hungry or…hangry!

4. Encourage social connections. Socialising is a key component to your wellbeing and happiness and there are few better groups of people to do this with, than those that you’re already spending five days a week with. Trust in your team to get the work required of them done and allow them the freedom to take a moment’s pause to recharge and connect with a colleague. These moments can also be particularly beneficial in encouraging sparks of creativity that can benefit your business.

5. Break up those routines. Boredom and monotony are always lurking nearby and will strike if you don’t consider ways to break up the routine. You should look for small ways to surprise your team, as small gestures can help demonstrate your appreciation, helping boost productivity. Occasionally bringing in small treats, such as good coffee or baked goods can make a huge difference to someone’s day and give them that burst of energy and motivation needed to get the job done.

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