5 tools to track KPIs for your business

Man types on laptop and writes in notebook on desk with financial reports and post-it notes to write down 5 five tools to track KPI (key performance indicators) for a business for business owners and accountants

Key performance indicators, commonly known as KPIs, are metrics within your firm and your clients’ businesses that you need to measure. They’re important because they can help guide a business to growth and further success. Keep a handle on your KPIs with the leading software platforms on the market.

1. HubSpot

See how staff are interacting with customers, and how customers are interacting with your website. Your key inbound marketing metrics are laid out in a clear interface. Customise your modules and prioritise metrics. Share your dashboard with your team so you know you’re working towards the same goals.

2. Asana

Their KPIs are called OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) but they’re essentially the same thing. Create a master project of OKRs that will tell you what should be accomplished in the next period. Each OKR is written as a task with deadlines and a task leader, so you can turn conversations into actionable tasks.

3. Futrli

Keep your team onside and working as a unit. From snapshot cards to full on dashboards, track progress at a glance, or drill into your results and compare to previous performance. Add your KPIs to your forecast for insight into how your business, departments and staff are doing. Because you need full visibility over your success.

4. Saffron

Made for the hospitality industry, Saffron is complete catering management software putting you in full control of your business. Manage the way you place your orders and once deliveries have been made so all delivery notes and invoices are correct. Now they can be matched and signed off within Saffron.

5. Smartsheet

These guys know you need a way to get work done – not just to talk about it. Great for project management, marketing, sales, HR and more. Smartsheet empowers business users to quickly configure, adapt, and improve their work processes. Share and collaborate with ease because you and your team should be on the same page.

Head to our KPI Library for more information because what’s measured is managed.Hubspot hubspot.com
Asana asana.com
Saffron fdhospitality.com
Smartsheet smartsheet.com

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