Content marketing KPIs to measure to build your brand

Content marketing KPIs

Whatever industry your business falls into, you need to have a marketing plan for your services/products to get the word out about your company. Marketing, in particular, content marketing, is about creating interesting literature that connects to a potential customer’s pain.

1. Traffic per time period: It’s good practice to measure this weekly or monthly (depending on the size of your business), so you can plan how to increase this figure for the next period. Are you ranking well on Google? Is your social media pushing traffic to your website?

2. Engagement % per post: On social media, this is easy as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all have an ‘Insights’ tab, in which you can see who’s looked and reacted to you. You’ll need to look into software such as Google Analytics to see how many site users you’re getting, and this will also show you how long people stay on each page, click-throughs and more.

3. Satisfied readers %: Have you made your website rich in information? You can have some fun with your content marketing and if done right, it’ll result in brand loyalty and increase the chances of referrals and repeat business.

Swing by our KPI library to see how to measure your metrics.Put your traffic per time period results in your forecast and see how you can keep this healthy.Engagement per post is easy to measure within social media platforms, or on website analytics.Learn how to calculate your customer satisfaction here.

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