Learn the 5 best higher education KPIs to measure

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As with any industry focused on improving lives, there are countless control factors which need attention. If you’re the Head Teacher or Dean of a higher education institution, check out our top 5 higher education KPIs.

1. Student to teacher ratio

Measure how many students are admitted per class, per teacher. If you have a low student to teacher ratio, you’re doing well. This is something that can be your USP when attracting prospective staff and students as plenty of contact time and support will be available.

2. Student attendance rate

By measuring how frequently students attend their classes, you’ll get an idea of student satisfaction and engagement. A low attendance rate should raise alarm bells, giving you the opportunity to investigate why students aren’t turning up.

3. Course completion rate

Is the course too difficult? Or maybe the workload is unreasonable? Does the institution have the correct materials for students to use? In a similar way, students hitting their predicted grades will signify strong teaching ability. This helps measure the success of the institution because it often goes towards the ranking in university leaderboards.

4. International students %

Some international students often have different requirements, such as additional storage and holiday accommodation. Measure this metric to keep track of how many students from abroad you have per year and aim to increase this for next time. Furthermore, it’ll earn you cash and it’ll have a positive effect on diversity within the student population.

5. Drop out rate

Reasons for this metric to be high include disengagement, staffing issues or uninspiring course content. To keep this figure low, meet with staff regularly and ask if there are any students that might be thinking of dropping out. Additional support for those students might be able to win them back.

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