The top accommodation KPIs to measure in your business

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Ensuring guests have a pleasant stay and keeping an edge over the competition is a challenging but rewarding job. We’ve put together our top accommodation KPIs to keep the harmony.

1. Room bookings by channel %: This metric will show you how effective your marketing efforts are. Calculating this as a % to see a clearer picture of each channel’s relative contribution over time. Dividing this up into your different channels, like phone, email and booking forms, will show you a granular view.

2. Occupancy %: This KPI measures the number of occupied rooms relative to the total number available. As a result it is an effective means of measuring how efficiently the resources available to the company are being utilised. A low occupancy % may indicate that your business is struggling to attract customers and needs to consider alternative ways of marketing itself.

3. Room revenue per available room: This is a core metric for hoteliers as it gives a clear picture of how effectively rooms are being utilised as a means of revenue generation. If your room revenue is low while your occupancy is high, your pricing might be off.

4. Average daily rate: This is a great measure of your business’ financial health. By measuring this as an average, periods of high and low occupancy are combined together in order to give a truer figure of how much money is being generated on a daily basis.

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