The 4 bakery KPIs that’ll improve your business

Baker rolls dough on flour covered wooden counter wearing a chef uniform in a kitchen for a bakery #business

Metrics can help you run a more efficient bakery. Here are the top 4 bakery KPIs to measure to ensure your business is running smoothly.

1. Takt time: Also known as cycle time, this is the time it takes for you to complete a given task. It’ll show you if your processes can be streamlined. When you work in batches, it’s a great way to spot any bottlenecks that are slowing you and your business down.

2. Count – good and bad: This is usually measured since the start of a week, day, shift or even machine changeover. Measuring this metric frequently is going to be most effective. It gives a clear indication of your performance line, and the number of quality products being produced.

3. Reject ratio: Monitoring the bakes that don’t make it to the shelf will help you meet your profitability goals. If your products do find themselves going straight into the reject pile, it may raise a red flag about your staff or machinery.

4. Downtime: If you’re not working, you’re not making money. Can you speed up changeovers and fixes? To stay in the know about downtime, many businesses require staff to give reasons for downtime. This could be via a keypad, barcode scanner, or even written manually. 

Look at scenario planning for your count to help you cope if you’re under. Forecasting will help you manage reject.Feed this downtime non-financial data into Futrli for an accurate forecast.

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