Top social media KPIs to measure in your business

Business owner, colleague works on tablet with cup of coffee on white wooden tab;e and looks at business analytics with the top social media KPIs for twitter, facebook, linkedIn, google plus, instagram #KPI

When you’re not a marketing pro, it can be tricky to know where to start with social media, especially as business accounts are expected to be so different from personal ones. We’ve summed up our top social media KPIs for you to measure, so you can focus on your customers’ needs.

1. Post engagement %: A high percentage means you’re hitting the mark with your posts, so should translate into leads, therefore revenue. The higher the engagement, the better. If you’ve bought followers then don’t be surprised if this percentage doesn’t add anything to your bottom line!

2. Individual post reach: Reaching the people that are likely to do business with you is a challenge. Sharing posts by those in your professional sphere will show your support and expertise in your field. If a customer sees you as popular and proactive, they’re a lot more likely to sign up for your services or products.

3. Lead conversion rate: If you aren’t generating leads, you might be using the wrong platform, or your content isn’t engaging with the right audience. Add your conversions rate to your forecast so you know where you stand, what to aim for, and it’ll allow you to set targets moving forwards.

Have at look at our KPI Library and industry-specific KPI lists to find out more about metrics in your business.

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