Connect with your clients with visuals as well as numbers

Accountant presents to client with visual graphics as well as number on documents on table with cups of coffee as client looks at Futrli reports #reporting

Visual data can amp up your data presentation and marketing effectivity. Many of us switch off to a wall of numbers, so shake things up with a different way of doing things.

Pique curiosity with visual data display

When presented with a vast amount of any data, it can be hard to remain focused. You’re probably familiar with the glazed-over eyes of your clients at this point in the meeting.
A ‘wall of numbers’ can be off-putting. If there’s no immediate pattern or trend to recognise, clients won’t connect to what’s in front of them. You’ll be able to get through to your clients quicker, and more efficiently, using charts and images. Visual representations of business successes and failures will get any entrepreneur excited.
You can set up your clients with dashboards to monitor regularly as they operate. Checking it often will help them see how they’re performing. Seeing their business’ health at a glance will help your clients to see how their decisions impact their success.

Improve your brand awareness and retention

Getting your design right is key. Are your website and social media channels all up to date with your firm’s branding? These online channels are your shop windows. If they’re the first thing a client sees, what conclusion would they make about you?
Impress clients new and old with state of the art financial planning software, but make sure this level of insight is also understood. Clients will really buy into your brand when they see you’re full of knowledge you can share with them.
Presenting data in a clean and clear way helps your clients to understand insights. Imagine doing this with your firm’s branding and colours. It’ll certainly make your firm stand out, and be memorable to prospective clients. White labelling Futrli allows you to do just that.

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