How to maximise your morning routine for business success

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Your first 3 hours are make or break

Your brain and body are at its sharpest and most ready to do your best work during the first part of your day, while being more resistant to temptations that could derail you. Therefore, if you are currently using that precious time for anything other than what’s most important to achieving your priority goal that day, then you’re not being efficient.

If you deal with the drudgery of emails or anything else that’s not your priority, then you need to seriously consider making changes if you want to maximise your business success. This is the perfect time to do your business forecasting and prepares you to leverage opportunities as well as mitigate any potential disasters that you identify.

Guard your mornings

Now we have established that your mornings are the potential goldmine of your day, it’s key to do everything in your power to protect this time from any outside distraction. If you have kids you need to get to school, have you considered carpooling with another family to reduce the frequency of this burden? Or, maybe the solution lies in getting up earlier to start work before the demands of the day kick in.
It’s important to reduce the obstacles between you and getting on with your most important work in any way possible. Here are some of our tips:

  • Prepare your breakfast and lunch the night before.
  • Lay out your outfit for the next day in advance.
  • Write your to-do list the night before, so you know exactly what you have to get on with straight away.
  • Place your alarm clock on the other side of the room so you have to get up.
  • Do not schedule meetings for the morning.
  • Do not check your email either and use a tool such as Boomerang to schedule a window in your day after lunch when your body and mind have naturally slowed down and are suited to a less mentally demanding task.
  • It’s key that your morning is spent on output, not input. This means isolating yourself for a period of time where those around you know not to try interacting unless of a real emergency.

Don’t forget to switch off

Allowing yourself appropriate periods to rest is key to your physical and psychological well-being and a key component of maximising your output. Sacrificing your rest periods for more low-velocity work can deprive you of your most creative solutions to problems. Being able to switch off and engage in other activities allows our mind to wander between past, present, and future, helping your brain to start making connections related to the problem you’re trying to solve.

Despite the pressures sometimes exerted from deadlines or a high profile customer, most successful people understand the need to have proper recuperation especially between periods of high-intensity work. ‘Switching off’ can be achieved in numerous ways, be it a yoga session, a quick run after work or experiencing the meditative calm of focusing on preparing a delicious meal for a loved one. However, you do it there are significant benefits to be gained.

If you like the sound of increased energy levels, stress relief, improved concentration and creativity as well as better relationships with friends and loved ones, then yoga and meditation can help. They put your body and mind in the perfect state of health, providing the ideal foundation for you to take on the challenges of the business world.


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