Mastering work/life balance

Mastering work/life balance

Having a better work/life balance brings benefits to every part of your life. A reduction in stress allows you to improve yourself, your relationships and your experiences, not to mention your health. This increases your efficiency, contentedness and productivity – breathing new life into your job or slightly stale social life.

So, what is the golden formula for succeeding in every area of your life? Truth be told, it’s not one size fits all but, we have a few pointers that will get you started.

Plan to succeed

Having a plan means you can set your intention for the day and focus on what needs to be prioritised – increasing productivity. It’s said that unfinished and unaccounted for projects and tasks plant themselves deeper into our subconscious than completed tasks. Unticked to-do lists jump out to bother us whether we’re meant to be in work mode or not. With a good plan, tasks aren’t unfinished, they’re ‘in progress’.

We’ll give you the tools that help you to know which tasks to prioritise, with a clear outcome to your actions. The strongest plan for your business can then be created, incorporating the projects, paths and growth moves that you know will have the best outcomes for your business.

Prioritisation also gives you guaranteed time away from work. Friday nights will be revolutionised, as you’ll have a firm action plan to tie up any loose ends. So, you won’t find yourself checking your phone for emails all night. Double win.

Don’t be a martyr

‘I need to do everything and I need to complete it all myself.’ Does this sound like you? The martyr is a common workplace persona, much to the detriment of the individual – and sometimes the business.

Sharing your vision, intentions and journey with your team is a great form of motivation and can be a great source of ideas and questions for you. Collaboration between teams/individuals provides a pool of ideas, fresh perspectives and knowledge.

This is the recipe for the best end result. Of course, you’ll need to be wary of having too many cooks in the kitchen but, a good balance should be found to avoid having a solo cook one sandwich away from burnout.

Create boundaries

Should you be checking your emails at 9PM? Probably not… Volkswagen, back in the golden days of the Blackberry, led the revolt against communications outside of working hours back in 2012, pausing email servers between 18:15 – 07:00.

Constant access to work might feel like we’re getting ahead of the game but, in reality, it means we never quite switch off. Instead of staying up all night worrying about your finances, rest easy knowing you’ve got them in one place, monitored and under control- you’ll be alerted if necessary.

Schedule do not disturb times or bedtime modes and get to your messages when you’re refreshed and enjoying your morning coffee. Our alerting tools mean we can let you know when you’re reaching an agreed threshold in your bank account, preventing any overspends. And, of course, we’ll let you know when things are going well too!

Work for you

Whether you feel it’s your home or work life that’s sitting on the backburner, take some time to invest in limiting and optimising your time spent on one, in order to leave enough time and energy to be invested into the other. Make the most of all areas of your life – for yourself and for everyone around you.

Get in touch with a member of our team to find out more about the tools we can offer.

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