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All aboard rocket ship Futrli - Futrli

CEO & Founder Hannah Dawson reveals what it takes to flourish on the rocket ship that is Futrli.

The word ‘startup’ tends to conjure one of two images for people. One is likely to be a group of millennials, sipping beers from their in-office tap while watching their colleagues fight it out in a ping pong tournament. The other, perhaps a whirlwind of breakneck decisions, aggressive hiring and growth.

We’re not suggesting these descriptions aren’t true! We have the perks of most startups; a games room, free coffee, flexible working and more. But we also have something that makes us truly unique: our people.

Since our inception in 2014, our culture has always been important to us. Even when it was just myself and our Chief of Engineering, Chris, working in the back room of my home, we made sure we maintained a fun but relaxed environment to work in. Our then two-person office grew to 100 strong this February.

To make sure we can retain the talent we’ve recruited so far, we’ve put a lot of time and effort in sourcing a whole team to look after everybody. We’ve found ourselves an award-winning Chief People Officer to help us create a culture that people are proud to be part of.

Our managers are always learning, and their teams always encouraged to speak up and join the conversation. And to make sure the team are coping with – and enjoying – the pace, we have an entire health and wellbeing campaign on the horizon.

It’s amazing to think how far we’ve come. Investing in our team above all else has been the greatest decision we’ve made as a company.

We’re always interested to meet dynamic people. People who strive in a fast-paced working environment, all the while having a good sense of humour, are willing to solve problems and build a great product.

Culture is just as important as growth to us.

Growth and acceleration are exciting things to happen to a business, and if it sounds like you’d enjoy working at Futrli, consider these five points first.

1. You thrive in a fast-paced environment

No two days are the same at Futrli. There are often last-minute changes and challenges that arise to keep things interesting. We’re still a small business, and experiencing high-growth in any company can shake things up. It keeps things exciting for us, and we all love to think of new ways to do things.

Because we have such a broad range of skills in our team, we always find ways to innovate, create brand new solutions and, of course, solve problems. One of the most important things about working at Futrli is being able to keep pace.

We’re a small business rocket ship, ascending to great heights incredibly quickly. Can you keep up?

2. You can think for yourself

Everyone that works at Futrli has the ability to be autonomous. There’s no middle, or micro-management here, and there doesn’t need to be.

We’ve purposely bred a culture which empowers our team to think for themselves and run with great ideas. We wouldn’t be where we are now if we hadn’t. We try to employ the best talent around so we know we can give someone a laptop and watch them ascend to new heights.

That said, we also massively encourage collaboration. Every part of Futrli – the platform, the website, our merch and even the offices we inhabit – has been built as a team. I honestly don’t think we’d be the company we are today if it wasn’t for the originality that our team brings to work every day.

3. Can you add value to the team and culture?

Every department is part of the machine that is Futrli. We’re looking for people with a future-focus, that can never be satisfied with the mundane. We want people who can add to our culture.

Each person is a cog that turns in unison with the rest of the company, so we’re looking for the best. We aim to hire people who can bring ideas and fun to the company. If you’re smart, dynamic and up for a challenge, you might be a great fit.

As well as awesome people, we have brand new offices globally. Our Belfast, Auckland, Sydney and Melbourne teams moved into new shared spaces at the end of last year, while Futrli HQ in Brighton has settled into fancy new digs. A beautiful, spacious environment with plenty of breakout spaces means everyone, from marketing to development, can always find a place they’re comfortable in.

4. Can you think outside the box?

Innovation is key to Futrli. We have massive plans on the horizon, and everyone working towards our goals brings something to the table.

Even if you’re not the most experienced person out there, the learning curve you’ll experience here will be a steep one. As long as you can bring original ideas with you to work, and play a part in how we implement them, you could be a perfect fit.

We need people who can adapt to our environment. Your role is active, in so much as it may change a bit as you progress. If you can take on challenges and are happy to upskill yourself, you might be just who we’re looking for.

5. Do you want to work on the frontline of cutting-edge tech?

Our engineering team is a collaborative group, which work closely with our product design team. Contributing to plans for new tech innovation from inception to release, every developer at Futrli has a vital part to play.

Each team solves problems together and individually. The range of skills and experience is unique to Futrli, ranging from those who have been here since day one, to graduates, to those with decades of experience – all under one roof.

We supply high powered, top of the range hardware to get you going, and all the support you could need to get up to speed. If you love working under pressure and strive to achieve more, Futrli is looking for you.

Also, do you like dogs?

Dogs are now welcome in our Brighton HQ office and we love it! They’re not everyone’s cup of tea, of course, so we always make sure new hires are happy to have a canine companion roaming the office.

Bringing a nice break from the pressures of a high-octane working day, some of the pups that come into the office can crack a smile from even the most hardened of cat people.

Want to learn more about working at Futrli? Head to our careers page.

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