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The bee, endangered, sits, pollenating a sunflower, which is a wildflower.

Futrli’s mission is to help small businesses succeed. But, it’s not our only mission, and our latest venture might be one that surprises you.

We’ve decided to save the bees.

We know, you’re doing the maths and asking yourself why in the world a tech company would be concerned about bees. Well… let’s talk about it. (Start counting the puns now...)

A buzz-arre choice?

We didn’t wing the choice of bees to represent Futrli. We went through many concepts before the idea of bees was suggested. As we started discussing it, we realized they’re the perfect illustration of a well-oiled bees-ness. They embody the efficiency and unity we hope Futrli Platform will bring to businesses worldwide and the hard-working nature we see in the businesses we work with every day.

There are two things vital to our future on this planet. Bees and small businesses. Both are at risk of extinction, bees from loss of habitat, small businesses from lack of cash.

What needs to bee done?

Bee populations are decreasing, and they’re decreasing fast. Why does this matter? Consider the food that you’ve eaten today. Now know that one in every three bites of the food we eat is the result of the mighty bee.

If bees go extinct, you can kiss goodbye to your almonds, your vanilla, your apples, and your tequila. Unless we do the pollinating ourselves. Which would cost farmers £1.8 billion a year, in the UK alone. Now consider that the UK’s pretty small, and this is a worldwide problem. We’ll let you consider what that would do to food prices.

What’s causing all this honey-ballo?

The obvious perpetrator we’re all pretty aware of is global s-warming. But, its effects on bees, and some of the other challenges facing them are less black and yellow:

So, wasp are we doing about it?

We’ve had the usual help-the-environment procedures in place for a while. Our offices are virtually (at least it’s not a bee pun, eh?) paperless, as we work off of cloud-based systems. We have every type of recycling bin you could think of. And we have live walls and plants all over our offices.

Our most recent switch has seen us switch all of our merchandise over to eco-friendly versions and even add seed ranges to the mix. Seed balls (which warning: look concerningly similar to chocolate truffles), seed bombs (yes, literal grenade shaped seed packets), seed sticks... You get the gist - imagine any form a seed could come in, and we’ve probably got a branded pack. Oh, and add sprout pencils and biodegradable pens to that list too. Blooming brilliant.

You can discover ways to help too, some of our favorite list of ideas are here and here. This is something we can only do by pollen together and making a united effort.

Hive you had enough of our terrible bee puns? Including the title, there were 12!

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