Save valuable time with Futrli Alerts

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Our automated alerts are here to make your life simpler.

Benefit from:

  • Real-time: 24/7 monitoring
  • Easy: Alerts delivered in-app or via email
  • Branded: If you choose to white label with us
  • At a glance: Alerts dashboard across your clients
  • Integrated: Receive via Xero HQ if you prefer
  • Efficient: Free up time to add more value to your clients

Futrli Alerts mean you no longer have to check each client account and dashboard. Instead, get notified when action may be required. Plus, we’ve just updated our alerts for latest innovations.

Helping you be a more proactive advisor

Whether monitoring bank accounts, expenses, income, net profit or accounts receivable… If a core KPI is hit in one of your clients’ accounts, you’ll get a notification. Allowing you to see immediately what has gone well. Or intervene quickly if it’s bad news. Alerts are an easy way for you to stay on top of the business, real time. Letting you focus on what you do best – delivering value to your clients.

Access new and improved features

To make things even easier, you can get alerts in-app or via email. You can also set up alert dashboards for a bird’s eye view of relevant changes to metrics.

We’ve even made sure you can receive alerts via Xero HQ’s homepage. A one-click authorisation process integrates the two, following which any Xero organisation that exists in both Futrli and HQ will produce alerts. It literally couldn’t be simpler.

Last but not least, Futrli Alerts will be in your full branding if you’ve white labelled with us. 

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