Take control of your data with tracking forecasting

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We’ve launched tracking forecasting for more accuracy over your forecasts and reports!

Benefit from:

  • Accuracy: create snapshots and comparisons
  • Control: track individual forecasts and budgets
  • A full view: dive deeper into your data
  • Snapshots: see where a business stands at a glance
  • Comparisons: manage data side-by-side
  • Precision: filter your data by category

This update gives you the option to track individual forecasts and budgets. Manage specific metrics and predict the growth or decline of those metrics within a larger context.

Get a granular view of your business data

Tracking forecasting is your secret weapon when you need accurate forecasts and reports on key revenue and cost centres across a business. Create accurate snapshots and comparisons, so you can stay in total control and dive deeper into your financial information.

Control your financial information

Use tracking to look into the future, as well as the past, providing a more granular basis for decision making.

Along with the tracking card, we can now filter any of our existing cards by tracking category. For example, if you want to see how one project is performing against forecast, add a comparison card and filter it by the relevant tracking code. Any untracked forecasts will work as before, and any tracked forecasts you set up won’t alter your existing forecasts.

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